Youth peer mentoring is the process of matching peer mentors (selected among the same age of their mentee) with young people with disabilities (PwD) who need to gain real work experience. This special and novel form of mentoring is providing a role model that can serve as a good practice example by the mentee. This goal can be accomplished through structured non-formal communication, mentoring which this proposal intends to implement – a mobile application for peer mentoring implementation for Android device. In this setting, a young peer mentor (trained by youth workers) meet the youth with disability at educational environment to ensure transition to workplace. This will be a one-on-one peer support including virtual sessions which will capture the difficulties for those with mobility impairments which are disabled by the chances to move due to inaccessibility of the environment (as Eurostat stated above).

One-to-one peer mentoring by its nature is a career oriented mentoring, when the focus is to encourage future success of the individual by bringing in successful work environment. There the youth with disability is able to build self-confidence and social skills while also learning work habits, team work and communication with colleagues as well as gaining professional competencies.

Target Groups

Youth mentors, youth workers, youth career counsellors (even on non-formal base at NGOs and students’ councils)


Youth with disabilities (aged 16-29), families of people with disabilities, non-formal settlements of people with disabilities, educations institutions (secondary, tertiary and VET levels).


– Developing novel youth peer mentoring pedagogy which will be used by youth workers to train youth peer mentors to support PwD,

– Developing training tools for youth mentors and youth mentees with disabilities,

– Developing a mobile app for implementation of distance guidance,

– Provision of innovative type of guidance matching the knowledge and understanding during the mentoring process of youth with disabilities and their peer mentors guidance,

– Strenghtening collaboration among youth organisations, local authorities, chambers o f commerce, universities, NGOs and SMEs and organizations devoted to support employment of youth with disabilities,

– Fighting against social isolation and stigmatization towards PwD,

– To open new horizons for the efficient use of free time of youth.

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