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Youth Peer Mentors Pedagogy Framework

The mentoring pedagogy framework will define specific youth peer mentoring logical framework, stages and modalities regarding the conducting, recognition, assessment and validation of the acquired competencies through mentoring.

The pedagogy outline will provide comprehensive information to youth workers about:

– How to be active mentor,
– Main rules of mentoring,
– Main responsibilities of mentor,
– Mentor/mentee contract,
– Mentor/mentee activities,
– Individual evaluation of the mentoring.

O1 A1 Youth peer mentor’s framework
O1 A2 Strategy for conducting mentoring sessions, based on indicators for success
O1 A3 Feedback forms

Job inclusion guidebook for youth mentors

The guide will be main training material for youth mentors.
Peer mentoring will be a work experience option for physically disabled youth people to:

– Learn workplace atmosphere, potential new methods of working;
– See how staff and teams work;
– Develop contacts in another area and learn how best to communicate with them;
– See the kind of issues or problems encountered on a day-to-day basis;
– Look for solutions from different angles;
– Encourage greater cooperation;
– Encourage awareness and understanding of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
– Enable a better understanding of the role of other employees and the work they do.

O2 A1 Peer mentoring guideline for young mentors

O2 A2 Application and consent form

Impact assessment youth peer mentoring tool

It will undertake activities to create assessment scales together with observation checklists to gather the impact which the peer mentoring reached in terms effectiveness, engagement and level of achieved peer mentoring.

It will also measure the achievements in terms of improved: self-esteem & self confidence of the mentee with disabilities, goal achievements, team working abilities, communication abilities, job readiness and preparation as well as improved workability.

O3 A1 Assessment scale strategy

O3 A2 Observation Checklist and Coding Sheets

Mobile youth peer mentoring application to facilitate distance mentoring guidance for youth with disabilities (Android based)

An Android based accessible mobile application will allow distance youth peer mentoring communication in a safe environment which is especially needed for youth with mobility and visual impairments who cannot travel easy due to inaccessibility of the environment and transport.

This mobile application, running on the Android Operating System, will be based on self-learning & informal peer learning (feedback from beneficiaries). Both of them are important ways of developing e-skills & digital competences by youth involved in the youth peer mentoring process.

Mobile learning platform link

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